EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2016 STARTS TODAY!


#1 on our Family Annual Event Calendar!

Come with me on this, the first day of a 2-month long tribute to fine dining…

I’m about to head down for my first culinary demonstration at noon today.

First video update… On my way to Food & Wine

If attending a Culinary Demonstration

img_4071Go under the left side of Spaceship Earth (The Ball) and either cut though “Innoventions” on your left, or pass through the sandwich shop, or (before the fountain) go left through the concourse.



img_4073img_4076From any of those left turns you will be in the correct area. The Festival Welcome Center is ahead to the left, tucked between World of Energy and Mission: Space.



Once inside, a left or right will bring you down to the ‘floor’ level. Go to the information booth to pick up or purchase tickets. (The culinary demonstrations are a paid event, $15 per person.)
The building is round so it really doesn’t matter, but from the perspective of walking in (or facing the info booth) the Festival store, food and culinary demonstrations are to the right, The wine store and wine tasting seminars are to the left. Bathrooms, Cutco knives and a world of chocolate are at the “rear” (opposite side from the entrance).img_4080

Tickets SHOULD be purchased in advance from 407-WDW-DINE but if a demonstration is not sold out you can buy tickets at the info booth (or make future reservations)



The very first culinary demonstration at Epcot food and wine festival 2016 featured an award-winning chef Valarie Enters and her assistant Danielle. Check out the review

I decided to try broadcasting via Facebook live but hit a few snags. Apparently as I turned the iPhone sideways (thinking that would film landscape) my view showed it being recorded correctly however the bulk of the video was shot at 90° so I’m re-editing.

Culinary Demonstration with Valerie Enters from Golden Oak Summerhouse  – Mini Cherry Pies (45 minutes, mostly sideways)

Between that issue, the low quality and the difficulty sharing outside of Facebook, I think that will be the last time I do one that way. Next tome I’ll try YouTube or Periscope.

I’m currently editing a copy that’s watchable… check back later

Quick edit, shakey, almost watchable, certainly not polished… EPCOT FW Cherry Pie

I went back Sunday with the whole family, just hoping to get some establishing shots and this is what happened…

Disney Cast Members never fail to impress me!

It takes less than 30 minutes to get from my driveway to EPCOT’s parking lot, but I hit every possible delay once there.

Unrelated Disney parking rant digression, feel free to skip

My philosophy for parking at Disney is simple, pick whichever toll booth seems to be moving fastest, and leave the rest up to fate. Once you see the parking attendants, you go where they tell you and being first to the merge isn’t necessarily going to get you closer.
As luck would have it today they started forming a new row, all the way at the far end, just a few cars ahead of me.

img_4066Once I walked from the end of the parking lot I saw there were two lines for security; one crowded with four guards and one nearly empty with eight guards. Of course as I approached the short-side line a Disney security guard kindly pointed me to the long line side. As my puppy dog eyes looked over her head at security waiting (with no one to check) I obediently turned and went to the long, slow security side. I checked the time, less than 20 minutes to be in my seat.

With Murphy’s law in full effect I picked a slow lane behind two women and a child with 5 bags between them. With the line next to us breezing through, and nobody behind me, I shifted to the other side of the table, as one does. The left side moved just enough faster that the trio (with the quintet of bags) got to the security guy simultaneously as I did. I had my tiny go-pro case open and the three items it held clearly visible as she fumble to thrust the first lump of bag towards him. One would think I would be waved through to expedite the lines. No such luck, he turned to them and stood there dutifully sifting through each fold of each of her bags, in turn as she gathered them (for what felt like hours.) As she was collecting her lumps of bag & contents from the table, only then did he, in slow motion, finally glance six inches to his right at my tiny, open bag and, with nothing to check, let me pass.

img_4088The cherry on top was that once through (and with less than 10 minutes to get my ticket and seat) another Disney security guy thought it might be funny to choose me out of the horde to go through a “random” secondary screening witch an airport-type scanner machine.

It was pretty smooth from there, so with a minute to spare, I took some pictures for this page.

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