School’s out for summer!


School’s Out For Summer!!!!! Four little words that every student and teacher begin to count down to after Spring Break! But what about the parents? For many it is a time to set up summer camps, pool time, and exciting vacations. My first 10 years of teaching I too enjoyed the relaxing, no schedule, care free summers of my youth. However when I became a mom, that all changed. My summers became the time for me to leave my teaching cap in the class room and get the chance to just be a mom and wife. When the kids were younger we decided that summer camps were not an option for us, this was our time to be a family. As the kids have gotten older, we have looked into this option, but I found myself asking how do families do it? Most camps run $150- $300 a week. Then on the first day of vacation at 9:00 I heard those dreaded three words…… I am bored!
Although we have Disney Annual Passes, visiting the parks in the height of vacation is not one of our favorite past times, especially in the summer heat, except for the Water Parks. So I decided to pull out the teaching cap, and I began to look into other options for the kids to be entertained for the summer. Through my search I found a free coding class at the local Microsoft store that runs four days for two hours. That took care of one week… just 6 more to plan. I also discovered the Kids Bowl for Free Summer Program. I signed up the kids and for just $20.00 I could add my husband and myself. (Although there still will be the shoe rental fee) So now it was time to set up a plan, and somewhere in there, I will need to fit in some summer reading. At first I thought I would set up the calendar on my own, but thought why not fill it in with the “I’m bored” time with a family scheduling party.
Stay tuned for next week’s blog to hear out it goes!

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