Matthew Madness


Right now my kids should be in school my wife should be at work and I should be finishing up a couple stories I had from last weekend when my wife and I had a wonderful time at a family/friend’s wedding in the country’s oldest city Saint Augustine.

Castillo de San Marco, St. Augustine, FL – 10/01/16

But the kids are at home and the wife is at Target. She just called to say that she scored three cases of bottled water (the only thing I couldn’t get yesterday.) And as for St. Augustine, Castillo de San Marco can weather anything but I fear I may have some of the last pictures of some of the shops on St. George St.

We get hysterical news about hurricanes a few times a year but central Florida hasn’t had anything to worry about in a decade. This one might be different.
Yesterday, I was meeting a friend as he checked out of a hotel at Disney and we parked in the new lot of the newly redesigned Disney Springs to get some brunch. Just then I got a text from my wife that I should probably head to the store sooner than later. I didn’t know it yet, but all Orange County schools had already been announced as closed for Thursday and Friday and all Orange County events and activities were canceled through Sunday. I said a quick goodbye and skipped out on brunch to head home along a path that takes me by three Publix grocery stores, three Walgreens, two gas stations and a few banks. It wasn’t even noon yet and every one of those places had a line, just to get into the parking lot. So I headed home and stopped at the Publix adjacent to my subdivision. They were out of water but not yet anything else. It was a different story later that day but I got what I needed (sans agua) and took my loot home with an hour to spare before getting the kids.
With very little gas I squeezed the last drops from the can meant for the yard equipment and headed down the tollway. I knew that the local stations were everyone’s first choice so as predicted, the oasis on the Florida turnpike was barely busy.
The rest of the preparations were pretty mundane & boring; find the candles, batteries, etc. This far inland and at 120′ elevation, our only issue is power being out for a few days. One trick I learned for that is to fill coolers 1/4 with ice & rock salt then line the salted ice with aluminum foil. It makes a 1930’s refrigerator so you have 3 days to finish what was in the fridge, not 4 hours.
I just heard that Disney closed until Saturday, not just the parks, the resorts too. Not sure how the resort hotels can ‘close’. Maybe the shops and services but I hope guests can still eat, there’s only a few grocery stores anywhere near Disney.

Good luck Florida!

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