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Since steering my ship towards video production several years ago I’ve met and chatted with a few celebrities. Since getting involved with eNable almost two years ago, I started using these opportunities to look for celebrity support for the group. EnableCommunityFoundation.org

  • Almost all 3D printer companies & related businesses proudly display eNable hands and call themselves “Part of eNable.” Many, however do little beyond printing their own “brag piece” sample hand. Some are even draining potential funding and riding the ECF coattails by actually collecting donations for their own business under the premise that they “support” eNable with their club or fan site. Donations to these businesses rarely make it to the ECF or the greater community. The EnableCommunityFoundation.org is the only official, registered 501(c)(3) charity organization for the community that makes free 3D printed prosthesis for kids. 

Many of the celebrities I have met or contacted regarding eNable support have offered praise in what we do and good luck to our group in spirit. A few were already aware and generally supportive of our group. One personality’s “support” however, lept quickly from the theoretical to the tangible. Here is the story of “That James Kahn” and the eNable cross-promotion.

For those who are not quite as ‘into’ sci-fi as I, a brief introduction to James Kahn:


In the Star Wars World there are few known authors besides George Lucas. There’s Lucas’ ghostwriter for A New Hope, Alan Dean Foster who was recently called on to novelize TFA. And then theres James Kahn who wrote the novelization of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. In addition to RoJ, Mr. Kahn was the ‘go-to’ author for the peak Spielberg/Lucas run in the 80’s. He wrote the novelizations of; Indiana Jones, Goonies, Poltergeist and more. He also crossed the Wars/Trek border as the writer/Producer for Star Trek: Voyager. Furthermore, non Sci-fi fans would remember a little show called Melrose Place. Yep, wrote and produced. Currently James Kahn is focused on producing his own story, based on one of his musical albums. Yes, he’s a singer/songwriter as well. (Oh, and he’s a doctor. Not a doctor like a scholarly ‘Dr of literature or film’, but an actual ‘save-your-life’ kind of doctor.) Watch the Star Wars Reporter video below for more on this interesting personality.

My story started over a year ago with me uploading a couple Star Wars Weekends 2015 celebrity videos to my YouTube channel and posting them via my new Twitter account. A few twitter replies later and Mr. Kahn contacted me. After I gave him my “eNable elevator speech” he told me that he was working on something now but would get back to me in a few weeks. True to his word he contacted me early that fall and proposed an interesting offer. Heres a link to a video where I tell the eNable community all about it in a Town Hall meeting…

Wrongside Bob / eNable Town Hall discussing the cross-promotion kickoff

WSB logo

Below is a copy of the G+ post to the eNable community that was referenced in the video. (The original post was shared privately so instead of a link, here is a recreation of that post, including links to the “Wrongside Bob” movie teaser…

Multitalented artist James Kahn is commiting ONE FULL PERCENT of all funds raised for the movie on indeigogo to Enable Community Foundation!

Show James and Wrongside Bob some love!
(Wouldn’t it be neat if this kind of funding caught on?)
Thanks James!


Read full press release:

Wrongside Bob/E-Nable Hand Jive

The film production Wrongside Bob – launching its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on October 15 – is happy to announce it will donate 1% of all donations to Enable Community Foundation, a Delaware 501(c)(3) nonprofit Corporation whose mission is to 3D print and give away functional prosthetic hands, arms and other assistive devices to those who need them.

The writer-director of Wrongside Bob – James Kahn – is a medical doctor who’s spent decades caring for the sick and injured. But he has another reason for wanting to work with e-Nable and the Enable Community Foundation (ECF) now. Kahn wrote the novelization of Return of the Jedi, in which Luke Skywalker – despite having his hand amputated by Darth Vader – went on to get a prosthetic replacement and save the galaxy.

“The Enable Community Foundation doesn’t just give kids functional prosthetic hands – it changes their lives. They don’t have to be Jedi knights to feel that level of empowerment.”

The film Wrongside Bob concerns a drifter with amnesia struggling to remember his past, who encounters a quirky old guy with a secret past he’s trying to forget. But more deeply, it’s about the masks we wear, the ways we try to hide our darkest selves. That inner pain can be so damaging.

How extraordinary, then, if a child’s pain can be remedied by such a simple physical gift as a 3D printed hand or arm. Today, 3D printing is so sophisticated and yet accessible, that it only requires the will to do some good with it… and a little money.

The Wrongside Bob production team feels strongly about the importance of giving back, after being so fortunate in their own lives. Gifting functional prosthetic hands to needy children is a great way to pay it forward.
You can find the e-Nable Community and Foundation sites at:


And the Wrongside Bob and Indiegog sites at:

James followed up by being a guest speaker in a later eNable Town Hall Meeting, on November 13, 2015. (The Town Hall is broadcast privately to the eNable community so I have edited out most other content.) Here is a link to that meeting…

excerpts from the eNable Town Hall Meeting, Friday, November 13, 2015

In addition to working with me on the EnableCommunityFoundation.com project, Mr. Kahn was gracious enough to do a one hour video interview with me for a friend’s fledgling Star Wars fan site, StarWarsReporter.com

Here is the James Kahn interview from fall 2015, as edited for Star Wars Reporter…

Star Wars Reporter interviews James Kahn

The last 15 minutes of the interview was mostly a conversation about the connection to eNable and was edited out of the StarWarsReporter version. Here is a link to the part of that interview that hit the “cutting room floor”.

James Kahn interview, “Lost” footage

WrongsideBob indiegogo

WSB poster

The WSB Indiegogo campaign kicked off with an ambitious goal of $85k and an even loftier ‘stretch goal’ of $450k (which would have funded the entire movie process from concept to theater.) Midway through the promotion the goals were adjusted to cover the early stages of the project instead. With this narrower scope the goals were met by the target date and the promotion was a successful first step in seeing this movie get made. The WSB campaign collects donations through ‘perks’ like collectible memorabilia from James’ past work and larger incentives like a writers workshop or walk on role in the film. The indiegogo campaign is still running ‘post-promotion’ and quite a few ‘perks’ are still available.


The funding for WSB continues, however once the official Indiegogo campaign end date arrived, James made a donation greater than he had pledged. Furthermore as he continues to collect crowd funding for his production he has committed to continuing support to ECF in the form of donating a percentage of what he earns for WSB.

The movie Wrongside Bob is based on James’ album, Man Walks Into a Bar. The album is composed of songs that each tell a story from the perspective of a different bar patron during one fateful night in a forgettable bar filled with memorable characters.


Listen to Man Walks in to a Bar and James other albums on Soundcloud

Buy Man Walks Into a Bar on CD Baby

James Kahn on FaceBook – jameskahnwordsandmusic

James Kahn on Twitter – ThatJamesKahn

The film is now being sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization called FromTheHeart Productions – so although the Indiegogo site is still ongoing, people can now, if they’d rather, make a tax deductible donation here: https://fromtheheartproductions.networkforgood.com/projects/13055-from-the-heart-productions-wrongside-bob – James Kahn

James has also set up a business plan for a WSB private offering, so people can buy equity shares in the film.

I encourage you to check out Wrongside Bob and Man Walks into a Bar and I would like to once again thank James Kahn for his help and support.

As always, thanks for listening!



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