VIDEO: Spotlight on Steve Blum from MegaCon Tampa Bay


This is the full, unedited video from Steve Blum’s panel show, “Spotlight on Steve Blum” at the Tampa Bay Convention Center on October 30, 2016

(ok, so I edited a little bit. Just at the beginning to showcase the girls who started “Make it Happen Kids’ Heart Project”) I’ll be doing a more in depth story about these great people and their heart project but for now here’s the brief story from mom’s Facebook page…

Make it Happen Kids’ Heart Project

Updated last Sunday · Taken at Orlando, and everywhere else that needs LOVE!
“Love always Wins” 6,100+ hearts and counting! The Kimball girls, ages 13, 10, 9 and 7 wanted to contribute to the expression of love and support after the Orlando shooting. They initially made 60 hearts to take to people waiting in line at our nearest blood drive location the day of the event. They got such a positive response, they made 110 more to take to a ceremony at Hogwart’s Castle for Luis Vielma. It has just grown from there. This album is for them to look back at their legacy of love, and the hearts that they have created. They don’t intend to ever stop sharing these hearts, and have even shared them across the country on our vacation.
The hashtag that they have been using is #LoveAlwaysWins, but not looking for self promotion there is no page or link to this wonderful group of girls and their supportive mom. We’re going to try to help change that. This is too important not to talk about!

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